As Rigotz Stories we have collaborated with some of the biggest and most influential Italian and international production companies in the television, animation and movie industries.

Our authors have written the feature length animated project Francesco (Enanimation/Rai Ragazzi) aired by Italian broadcast television RAI.

Our scriptwriters have also collaborated on the creation of numerous animated series for the international market, such as: Bat Pat 2, Berry Bees (Atlantyca Entertainment/Rai Ragazzi), Grisù (MondoTV/ZDF/Rai Ragazzi), Spooky Wolf, Mini Heroes (Movimenti) and The Sound Collector (Enanimation/Eagle vs Bat/Rai/ITV).

In 2021 we have begun the production of a brand new animated series based on the IP Letrabots, collaborating with the animation production company MondoTV and the toy company Cicaboom. We follow the entire writing process of this project, from the creation of the bible to the episodes’ scriptwriting process, to the story editing, editorial coordination and executive production pipelines.

Together with T-Rex Digimation and MondoTV we are also involved in the executive production of the pre-school series One Love for Italian broadcaster Rai Ragazzi.

Amongst our other collaborations we have worked with Minerva Pictures, Orange Media, beQ Entertainment, Lynx Multimedia, Red Monk Studio and Melazeta.

Rigotz Stories is also active in the academic world thanks to its long standing collaboration with the International Screenwriting and Production Master’s Degree in Milan’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. We organise custom made educational academic modules dedicated to scriptwriting and the world of animation, as well as taking part in tutoring and assisting the students for their professional orientation.